If you’re planning to buy a new camping tent, then you’re making a great investment. But with so many different options on the market these days – which camping tent should you choose?


In this guide, we’re going to take a closer look at the key features you should look for whenever you’re a buying a tent, so if you follow the advice in this guide, you’ll be sure to pick something that perfectly suits your needs.

Tip 1 – Bigger is better

One of the first considerations you’ll need to make is the size of your tent. Simply put, the bigger your tent is, the more comfortable it’ll be – with the obvious trade off being that a larger tent will take up more space, and often be heavier to carry.

However, if you’re not going to be hiking or cycling with your tent, and you’ll be reaching your camp site via car, it’s usually a smart decision to buy the biggest you can afford. Ultimately, this means you’ll be as comfortable as possible.

Tip 2 – Construction quality

Of course, having a big camping tent will go to waste if it’s poorly constructed. With this in mind, it’s wise to check the quality and overall workmanship of your tent before you buy. In particular, take a close look at the seams to ensure they’re well built and reinforced.

Tip 3 – Setup difficulty

If you’re not an expert when it comes to erecting your tent, then you’re certainly not the only one. In fact, many people can struggle with this task – which is why there’s numerous models these days that are specially designed for quick and easy assembly. If you’re concerned about your ability to assemble your tent, especially in all weathers, then it’s a good idea to invest in a simpler model.

Tip 4 – Check storm resistance

A true camper is prepared for all eventualities, and one of the things that could happen is getting caught in a fearsome thunderstorm. Fortunately, most tents coming with ‘storm ratings’ these days, which give you some indication about how resilient your tent will be, especially in wet and windy conditions.

The best solution is to pick a tent that has the highest storm rating possible, that’s still priced reasonably within your budget. After all, there’s nothing worse than getting caught in a storm while you’re camping, only for your tent to let water in – and leave you shivering in a cold puddle of rainwater.

4 Tips For Buying A New Camping Tent
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