71tABEPVtpS._SL1500_-245x300Since its introduction in 1979, the Bowflex home gym, there has a bee a much different approach when it comes to weight and fitness training. Instead of having to use weight plates or barbells, this home gym allows one to use power rods for resistant training.

When it comes to the Bowflex Pr1000 home gym machine, you have an option of doing the more than 30 exercises that it provides. You can combine the various exercises so as to do a total body workout that will give you that ripped and lean body that you desire. There are numerous types of exercises that you can do on the Bowflex Pr1000 to get ripped. We are going to look at a few main ones that you can do.

Advanced General Conditioning

The Bowflex Pr1000 home gym has a general conditioning workout that you can do. The advanced general conditioning routine is a workout routine that involves a total body workout using around ten to twelve repetition per exercise. One will be required to do seven or six exercises per session.

One is recommended to use the split system when it comes to the Bowflex Pr1000. This is where one has to train different muscle groups on different days. This means that you work on your chest arms and shoulders on the 1st and 3rd workouts of the week, while your legs, back and trunk on the 2nd workout of the week.

Aerobic Circuit Training

If you are looking to lose weight and get that lean body using the Bowflex Pr1000, you will get desired results once you do the aerobic circuit training. To do this type of routine, you will need to do a single set of bench presses, seated rows, leg presses, seated abdominal crunches and calf raise for 8 to 12 repetitions. The difference here is that instead of resting between the exercises, you will perform aerobic exercises for about 30 to 60 seconds. You can jog in place or stair climbing.

Muscle Building

The Bowflex Pr1000 is ideal for muscle building. It offers a max of 210 pounds in resistance when you use the power rods. You can do a recommended 3-day split work on your chest and shoulders on one day, work on you back and arms on another day, and work on your legs and torso on the third day.

By doing these and more exercises, you will be able to get that ripped body that you are looking for.

Can You Get Ripped With A Bowflex Pr1000 Home Gym?
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