FACTS: There had been so much confusion and series of misinformation (some deliberate, some out of sheer mischief while others due to ignorant) about steroids. However the truths is that there are steroids classified as LEGAL and can be taken as safe supplements by bother male and female. Read to get more tips…

The use of steroids in body building competitions is a common trait especially among the athletes. The topic is usually carried in hush hush tones to avoid the all so public display of what happens to get the athlete to their current level.

Even professional bodybuilders may talk so openly and freely about their nutrition, training and overall performance but will slip away from the topic. They shy away from being associated with certain steroids, though commonly used, such raw steroids and other anabolic substances.

Steroids generally are biochemical substances designed to have the same effect as the male hormone testosterone, it is true that some of them taken in the right amount end up resulting to gaining body weight and muscle. Therein lies the difference between the two types of steroids.

Legal Pharmacy steroids have gone through proper lab scrutiny, have received the proper accreditation for human consumption and all the licenses required by law. Legal Pharmacy steroids come with a proper prescription from a specialist on the subject hence it is safe and well regulated. Its reactions within the body are manageable and expected to be within reason.

Raw steroids on the other hand are the kind produced from black market labs. They don’t come with any kind of prescription and don’t have any kind of license. Despite their entry into the market they aren’t legal in many countries.

Apart from being involved in illegal processes while purchasing raw steroids, common in colleges, gyms and often on the internet, with ambitious promises; they are at times made without the precision such drugs need, they don’t account for the dosage and sterility of the drug hence the effects are at times sporadic and unexpected.

The storage method of such drugs is wanting as they are often sold informally hence stored unsuitably. This is not seen in the legal pharmaceutical steroids which are designed from the most suitable storage spots to ensure their legitimacy for the shelf life. Pricing too differs highly in the raw steroids as there are no popular market prices unlike the pharmacy ones.

Choosing Legal Pharmacy Based Steroid or Raw Steroids
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