eureka-whirlwindEureka vacuum cleaners have made quite a journey since the first machine was built in Detroit Michigan in 1909. Never straying from what customers demand, Eureka is continually rated as one of the best vacuums made in America. Their well-made products are the result of nonstop innovation and technology that grows along with society in changing needs.

Over 130 models plus vacuum related items are available from Eureka, making your home easier to care for. Uprights, canisters and central vacuum systems are a sampling of units that are designed for hard to reach areas, multiple surface cleaning, allergen control, pet hair as well as environmentally friendly.

Even in 1909, founder Fred Wardell of Eureka understood how important the equipment had to be. While competitors were building huge, heavy units and advertising ‘the bigger the better’, Wardell decided that being able to easily move a light-weight model with reliable working parts was much more sensible. Borrowing the word from the Greek language that translates to “I found it!” Eureka was finally ready to roll.

In 1915, Eureka discovered that their idea was not unmerited when they were presented with an award for their novel and creative design at the San Francisco National Exposition. Today Electrolux Home Products Division owns Eureka but the name that has been in existence for over 100 years is still one of the most popular brands on the market.

The Eureka Upright

eureka-lightforce-300Eureka offers a wide selection with individual needs in mind. Popular models include the Eureka Boss SmartVac, the Comfort Clean Upright and the Pet Lover series.

The Boss SmartVac 4870MZ is one example of being able to mix and match personal tastes with a high-powered vacuum.

Capturing 99.97% of allergens and dust, the High Filtration Bag also captures more dust through sealed air control where less dust can escape. The patented Power Paw with River Visor gently loosens fibers, grabs the dirt with rubber strips and removes with stiff bristles.

There are different models of the Eureka Boss SmartVac to choose from; bag-less units with convenient flip bottoms for easy emptying, 20 to 30 foot cords, comfort grip handles, pet deodorizers and lightweight units weighing less than 15 pounds are some of the options.

The Comfort Clean Upright

Eureka Comfort Clean OH! 4235AZ is one in a series of models that have your ergonomic comfort in mind. No more cord winding with the 25-foot long automatic cord rewind that is a breeze to wind and store in seconds. A whirlwind cyclonic technology keeps your suction power at maximum power to complete the entire job while the HEPA filter holds all of the dust particles instead of releasing back into the air.

The adjustable telescopic handle is designed to match to your height to eliminate bending and reaching and the Comfort-Gripped O-Shaped Handle will keep your hands from straining and cramping while trying to complete a room. The patented Edge Kleener lets you get up close to baseboards and along edges to whisk away those crumbs and loose animal hairs. Also available with different features for your personal needs, the Comfort Clean is one superb machine.

The Pet Lover Upright Vacuum

Designed to fight the worse liabilities that a per lover can have, the series of Eureka Pet Lover Upright Vacuums take on pet hair and odor like no other machine. The Eureka Pet Lover Plus 8863AVZ has a Charcoal Filter and the popular HEPA Filtration feature that easily absorbs pet odors while reducing the allergens that pet hair can cause. A Telescopic Self-Cleaning Duster collects dust and dander from high-reaching places where they like to hide without harming surfaces.

This type of machine really lets you see how well the Pet Power Paw works when you see pet hair loosened, lifted and suctioned away from upholstery instead of stubbornly sticking to fabric. A pet upholstery brush keeps material covering furniture looking like new and smelling fresh. Checkout some of the other best vacuums for pet hair at Pet Vacuum Guy.

Eureka Canisters

Those that prefer canisters do not have to be without the ease of use and the benefits of Power Paws and HEPA Filters with the Eureka Air Extreme 6500A and other like models. An on/off Brushroll allows you to move from a carpeted room to a wood or tiled surface with just the flick of a switch, never stopping.

A paper bag with a full light indicator tells you when you need a fresh bag to keep the suction strong for moving along corners, rooms, edges and cobwebs along the ceiling. Other canister brands can be over $1000 but this Eureka model can be purchased for under $250, making the assets of owning very simple and affordable.

Other Innovative Equipment

A great addition to the Eureka line of vacuums is the Eureka Enviro Steamer and the Eureka Enviro Steamer Mop. There will be no more worry about whether or not your hard surface floors and countertops are as clean as possible when heat is put to the job. There is also no waiting as these units can heat in less than 3 minutes. Have you heard about the new Dyson. Read my Dyson V6 Absolute review.

This is the ultimate way to have an eco-friendly clean home without using chemicals that can leave toxic residues. Another favorite is the Eureka 71B Handheld Vacuum that is portable for easy movement from room to room or to use on your car’s upholstery and carpet. A removable hose lets you move in and out of areas with ease and the suction will amaze you.

With Eureka working to make your cleaning easier, faster, more productive and protecting the environment, it is no wonder that they have been voted Best Vacuum, Best Value, Best Suction and Best Overall Vacuum by a variety of organizations including Bestcovery. See what has changed in the most modern line that Eureka has to offer. A vacuum is no longer just a carpet surface cleaner, at least not at Eureka.

Exploring the World of Eureka Vacuum Cleaners
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