I used to stick with a baby stroller that was handed down to me by my sister in law whose kids have already reached an age where they are not able to use these strollers anymore. Although the brand and the strollers were good enough, I guess these things being more than 7 years old has taken its toll on the stroller.

There were rough places everywhere, and the lining of the stroller itself was almost worn down and faded, but still good enough to be used. However, I did make the mistake of thinking it double-stroller-300x300would last quite longer, and since I always bring my kids along with me everywhere I would go, you can say that this is heavy duty work for such a stroller and in a few months’ time, the stroller itself was on the path of virtual destruction already and the scary part about it is that it had inadvertently injured my baby at one time, as she chewed on the cloth covering in the carriage and ended up exposing a part of the metal there where she hit her head one time while she was trying to stand, sending me into a freakish scared state.

I guess trying to be cheap does have its negative effect too because I would rather get the old one for free instead of investing in a new one with better durability and made from sturdier materials.

Now that I have realized that mistake, it is about time to correct it. And since I have two boys aged 2 and 4 respectively, I knew this around that I would need a better and durable double stroller. I regret having not invested on one two years ago, but now that I need it badly, I know I have to fork some dough for it. When I checked out the availability online of these double strollers, I was happy to see that there are actually a lot of different options for me to go for. Even famous brands like Graco, Chicco, Toys r Us and Fisher Price all have their own selections of best double stroller to die for. But I knew this time, I would have to limit my choice based on two criteria alone, which is its durability and comfort for my kids without any harm coming to them from using it.

It ended up with me getting the Phil and Ted’s Navigator, which though was really pricey at 650 dollars’ retail, but it had one feature that I really needed which was the auto brake system. You see the place I live in has lots of inclines on the roads and streets, so having a stroller that has this kind of auto brake system would really benefit me a lot when I am taking my sons out on strolls or anything else.

I should have done this 2 years ago, but I guess I have now made up for it and I am pretty amazed at what safety this double stroller I have brings to the table for my family.

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